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Viajes Transcontinentales de Larga distancia o superiores a 10 días de duración

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Viajes por la península o alrededores que no excedan de una semana

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Viajes por Europa o alrededores que no excedan de 10 días

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Excursiones de día y Fin de Semana

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    17 de oct. de 2017

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  • jensenbreck093
    27 de sep. de 2017

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  • jensenbreck093
    27 de sep. de 2017

    Adopting the format of a movie trailer, Kronoberg County’s "The Test" video features a host of animated sex organs and a Hollywood-style voice-over. The narrator sets the scene by ominously informing the viewer: "It all started as the perfect love story, a time of lust and trust, where each night is an adventure… but danger lurks between the sheets." The County’s head of public health and social development told The Local they were all thrilled when the advertising company that produced the video showed them it for the first time. "We all thought it was really great and fun, but also informative and different. It's exciting, we really liked it," Annika Magnerot said. For more you can check this video animation

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