19 de sep. de 2017

Good fps mouse for fps games?

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I play fps games, I have small hands (my hand is 15 centimeters and my point finger is 8,5 cm length) And i use palm and fingertip grip. I don't move my arm for playing, i play from my wrist. I dont want a mouse that has insane amount of buttons, i just want a small, simple, good mouse for fps games and my budget is $40.00



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Yeah, and that is why I like the MX and Razer Deathadder is the shape and size fits my large hands well. I just bought a Corsair K70 keyboard and love it. But I am not impressed with Razers customer service when I had a keyboard issue it took 1 month to get it replaced because they are so slow on responding to emails.

I actually have the G602 Wireless, and could not get use to it in gaming for some reason. It maybe due to it being wireless. I played way worse with it., It is a nice mouse though. I dedicated it to my laptop for now.

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